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Scotty Reis-Moniz

Executive Director - President

Scotty has been a Community leader for 25 years and has served in the capacity of Building and Trades Apprenticeship Training with Youth Build, Community Liaison with For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations for Trade Industry Jobs and the welfare and rehabilitation of Men and Women in Transition to reduce recidivism. Scotty has been a founder and visionary in Community Building for Native Hawaiians for 25 years and has Founded, Kapili Like, Friends of Waimanalo and Ke Alaula, LLC that has been serving the youth in High School and the men and women needing assistance in Job Placement. Now committing himself full time to the Friends Of Waimanalo he he strives to connect community, with the much needed services they need in these times.

Scotty Wong

Director of Operations

With us since our founding in 2019, Scotty Wong is one of our veteran team members. He brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed. With his ties to Unions, Community Leaders and the Film and TV Industry, Scotty brings a wealth of knowledge in helping move our organization forward. He is a visionary that brings new ideas on how to fill the needs of the community in these times.

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Veena Voravudhi

Chief Financial Officer

As a seasoned COO/CFO with over 25+ years’ experience, Veena is an experienced, savvy

business strategist with a laser focus on growing companies from start-up or intermediate phases to their

next level of success, increasing financial profiles from K to MM through strategic planning, market

placement, operational integrity, SOPs, KPIs, and solid financial forecasting with compliant execution.

With her experience in Business and Non-Profit work and a Passion for helping people and animals, Veena is the perfect person for keeping this organization in compliance and managing the fiscal responsibilities of this organization.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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